How to overcome putting your health on the back burner

Anyone who has ever started a small business and continues to run one knows that it isn't for the faith at heart.  It takes everything in your being to keep advancing.   A small business owner will do everything in a single day from Operations, IT, Marketing, Accounting, Sales, Customer Relations, to Chief Problem Solver and Bottle Washer.   In a fast paced world of competing priorities it is easy to forget about what fuels and creates the capacity to fulfill all those roles. Business owners make great sacrifices to get everything done and serve their customers, but often to the expense of their own health.  The reality is your can't cheat your health for long.  Burning the candle at both ends catches up quick, will suck the life out of you, and open the door for illness, injury, mental errors, and poor performance.   Business Owner David Garrison reflects on his own experience and shares how a Lifestyle Assessment by Firstbeat helped him to get back on track.