Advanced Specialty Certifications

Our scientifically proven process and use of advanced technology will give you the tools to recognize and enhance drivers of health and performance.  

Professional Advantage

We have customized specialty certifications for trainers, coaches, and clinical professionals who seek to create measurable results, build function, reverse lifestyle diseases, enhance well-being, and strengthen performance.   

Certified Health & Performance Specialist 

  • Performance Coaches
  • Occupational Health
  • Pain Management 
  • Cancer Survivorship

tactical performance specialist 

  • Law Enforcement 
  • EMS
  • Rescue 
  • Military 

Certified resilience specialist

  • Clinical Chaplains
  • Mental Health
  • Wellness Coaches
  • Leadership Coaches

Using our certification process, participants will be able to work with a wide range of clients to build human capital, optimize performance and encourage positive behavior change. 

Our specialty certifications were created for the rigors of real life.   Our tools strengthen people to overcome the effects of crisis, renew health, and be effective in dealing with the everyday demands of personal and professional life.  

Certification Objectives

At a glance, the certification includes;

  • Evidence-based interactive training on resilience and heart rate variability
  • Multi-faceted instruction methods to build skill and deliver interventions
  • Instruction on Renovo Advantage coaching model to transform behaviors and optimize performance
  • Participation in a personal lifestyle assessment
  • Development of a tangible action plan 
  • Tailored instruction, delivered in a range of formats
  • Post-training support

All participants will take away;

  • An understanding of the connection between stress and resilience 
  • Ability to interpret heart rate variability readings and identify possible behavior modifications
  • Ability to translate skills learned into actionable interventions  
  • Knowledge to help build resilience and enhance overall well-being in individuals
  • A personal manual resource that provides support and follow up training on topics covered

Furthermore, participants have the option for follow-up coaching sessions at an additional cost. To support ongoing education, booster sessions to review progress, discuss challenges, build a professional network, practice skills and receive feedback on action plans will be offered. 


Content covered within the certification includes;

  • Physiology of resilience
  • Understanding the science of Heart Rate Variability
  • Catalyzing change and building function
  • Engaging healthy lifestyle behaviors
  • Developing interventions to produce positive outcomes
  • Leveraging drivers for health & performance

Passion into Practice

With proper training, advanced tools and follow up resources, specialists will be able to help people manage stress, build resilience, and enhance well-being. Our training will translate directly into your company and help prevent burnout, ignite personal and professional motivation, and enhance employee engagement.  

As a trainer and coach, you will be a vital component of helping people maintain change over the long term, optimizing health and improving productivity.  

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