3 E's of Optimizing Employee Performance

Rosalene Glickman said, “ the future belongs to those who bring their best to the present”.  While this quote can fit into a variety of facets of your life- how does it fit in the workplace? As a manager, it is vital to understand how your company is taking charge of their future outcomes by presently investing in their employees. In our practice and the services we have delivered, we have discovered that the secret recipe to optimizing employee’s performance and success can be broken down into three main elements.

Engagement: Getting your employees on board with your company’s goals and vision is a vital part of organizational success. The Gallup organization estimates that companies with a high level of engagement report 22% higher productivity than their counter parts. Being proactive in creating opportunities for your employees to understand their individual purpose and the overall purpose of the company leverages your human capital and boosts employee engagement. Be creative and unique in your engagement initiatives. The most successful initiatives are those that are customized and tailored to meet the unique needs of your company

Empowerment: Empowering your employees does not happen over the course of one work-day, it is an ongoing process that involves diverse approaches and a unique perspective. Providing them with tools, trainings, resources, motivation and support generates a platform of ownership and pride in their activities and their actions. Understanding how individual contributions help achieve and surpass company goals provides a cooperative environment where employees are engaged and active in the work they are completing.

Evaluation: Understanding the strengths and limitations of your company and employees is a necessary part of growth. Often times, evaluation is captured in one moment and determines if something or someone has been successful or unsuccessful. However, utilizing effective evaluation as a continuous learning tool (not just at one moment in time) will play a crucial role in optimizing the performance of your employees. Regular evaluation helps employees and employers set effective goals, monitor progress and celebrate achievements.

Engagement, empowerment and evaluation are three very powerful concepts that when incorporated into the workplace environment will make a direct impact on helping achieve your strategic goals while building the human capital necessary to creating a culture of success and results.