Memorial Day Salute to Sam Bern

Memorial Day is a sacred time for us to remember those in the military who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.   I had several close friends who died while serving the country.  I am grateful for the time we shared in the military together, but even more so for their example to always go above and beyond the call of duty.   There is no question that they made a mark on my life and lives of those who knew them.   Their actions continue to inspire me to live well and seek ways to honor the values of our land that we hold dear.  Today I want to salute a young man named Sam Berns who died four months ago at the age of 17.  Sam suffered from the debilitating effects of progeria and yet was graced with amazing insight into living.  Although he never served in the military, his life inspired the nation and calls us to reflect on what is truly important.   Sit back and enjoy the video.  Sam's philosophy for living will bless your day.