Physiology of Leadership Excellence

Cultivate your leaders, change your organization. 

No matter how you define leadership, at the end of the day what matters is positive measurable results.
— Timothy Wiles

Strengthen factors that drive health, safety & performance

 We leverage the science of the nervous system to optimize energy, brain function, stress response and resilience

Effective leadership requires the ability to overcome adversity and capitalize on a wide range of skills. Successful leaders learn to analyze team strengths, work with diverse people, build cooperation, promote a positive working environment, and achieve positive outcomes.  

1 Day Leadership Challenge

Strengthen the skill and resilience of your leadership team to produce functional change and take your company to the next level.  Training includes: 

  • Resilience Assessment (physiology of leadership) 
  • Principles of Human Capital 
  • Identifying and aligning to performance drivers
  • Function plan for personal and work performance 

3 Day Leadership Specialty Programs

Develop your team through an interactive, positive and innovative approach tailored to your business context. Our focus areas include:

  • sales performance
  • health resilience
  • public service
  • coaching/mentorship
  • professional renewal 
  • performance development

Participants produce measurable outcomes by influencing self and others to make positive changes in areas that produce human capital and performance.  Leaders expand their influence through real world practice designed to strengthen and create:

  • positive communication
  • presentation skills
  • constructive feedback
  • creativity, innovation, and problem solving
  • team spirit 
  • high performance working environment

Ready to enhance your leadership? Renovo Advantage will customize a program for your business.  Contact us for more information on leadership services.