About Us


Give what matters most the attention it deserves.  We help people live well, draw out the best in others, and share resources that empower leaders to improve function and experience positive outcomes. Our philosophy respects and engages life experience, wisdom, strengths, hopes, and values of the people we serve. 

renovo (renōvō)  renew, restore, or revive


Renovo Advantage is owned and operated by 2CopperCoins, LLC.  It was inspired by co-founders Timothy and Kimberly Wiles out of a deep concern for the soldiers and families that they served in the military. Their work is based on key principles from neuroscience, insights from thousands of encounters with people seeking healing and wholeness in life, and the applied science of spiritual intelligence.

Renovo Advantage was originally designed to develop resilience and prevent burnout for critical care and emergency medical workers. However, its utilization has expanded over the last 2 decades and has produced positive measurable results for over 50,000 people. Renovo Advantage has renewed leaders, enriched marriages, energized teams, and fostered healing through applied clinical applications for overcoming traumatic events, stress, loss, depression, anxiety, addictions, pain, and lifestyle diseases.

Our Passion

Renovo Advantage exists to strengthen human capital and create positive cash flow through leadership development, holistic wellness, and functional coaching.  We thrive on optimizing performance, improving health, and enriching lives.

Our Purpose

Many persons have the wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.
— Helen Keller
  • Enrich lives and serve people
  • Help people live well and reverse lifestyle diseases
  • Strengthen the competitive advantage of organizations
  • Promote the development of community 
  • Inspire people to use their natural gifts to benefit others

Our Principles

  • People first
  • Results focused
  • Value driven
  • Collaborative
  • Evidence based