Corporate Wellness 


Renovo Advantage is a leader in outcomes-based wellness and health management solutions. Beginning with the end in mind, our program renews health.  Our process is simple - measure, enable, and inspire.


Success begins with understanding your health.  Renovo Advantage assesses each individual's health through the collection of biometric data and wellness assessments utilizing scientific methodologies. Personalized reports identifying both strengths and health risks are used to move forward in our program.  

Our wellness coaches work with each individual on your team to create a unique wellness plan.   There is no cookie cutter approach - every program is customized to fit the needs of the individual.  Unique and achievable goals are designed to optimize performance, strengthen health and cultivate leadership.  Most importantly, your employees are provided with the tools to achieve them.  

Our program tracks outcomes and individuals are rewarded for success.  The result?  We help people live well, draw out the best in others, and share resources that empower leaders to improve function and experience positive outcomes. Our philosophy respects and engages life experience, wisdom, strengths, hopes, and values of the people we serve. 

Interested in creating human and financial capital?  Contact Us - we are happy to come to your business and talk further about the endless possibilities.