The PTSD SURVIVAL SCHOOL is on point to strengthen people to heal from trauma and live well.

The focus of our training and confidential coaching is non-medical and does not involve diagnosis, reliving trauma, openly sharing it in front of others, or any weird stuff.  It is about engaging drivers to build function and heal.  Although PTSD is in our name, we are not about fueling controversy over the nomenclature of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  The reality is whatever you call it, the effects of traumatic stress can be extremely disruptive and impact every area of life.  Unrecovered stress takes a toll on the body, and over time makes one vulnerable to further complications, illness, injuries, accidents, and decisions that have negative consequences.


Experiencing the effects of traumatic stress is like trying to survive the wild.  Keys to overcoming adverse conditions include making good decisions, efficient use of resources, navigating challenging terrain, the will to survive, and an indomitable spirit.  During the training you will create a personal "survival" manual, and engage drivers that promote recovery and healing by creating new, strong, positive experiences that restore energy, peace of mind, health, relationships, and financial stability. 



  • Understanding the impact of traumatic stress

  • Physiology of stress response/resilience

  • Negotiating anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts

  • Restorative nutrition/hydration

  • Sleep quality

  • Stress and money

  • Relationships

  • Intimacy

  • Indomitable spirit

  • Life drivers

  • Forgiveness

  • Hope

  • Engaging faith


Flexible training:

PTSD Survival School training is delivered in a variety of formats to meet your schedule.  

  • 1 day training

  • Weekend retreats

  • 8 week community groups

We often partner with veteran, civic, and faith-based organizations. Please contact Timothy Wiles, for more information on how to host a training event in your community.


Critical Incident Stress Monitoring & Training

We utilize the same advanced technology and analysis that elite athletes rely on to optimize stress response, recovery, and performance. Our analysis of the nervous system provides valuable insight into how the collective impact of life affects the body and what you can do to generate health promoting physiology.  

Learn more about what is possible...  

The image below contains a 24 hour analysis of a person experiencing the negative consequences of traumatic stress.  All our measurements are confidential and anonymous, however we will refer to the person in the case study as "Joe".  

The red bars indicate where the body is in a dominant state of stress, and green bars show an increased state of recovery. Recovery is where the body regenerates, repairs and reenergizes itself.  In the beginning Joe consistently experienced "more than usual" stress reactions and a low amount of recovery. When we are in persistent state of stress, the body's resources are depleted and we are more susceptible to further injuries, illness, and accidents.  Notice that during sleep from 11pm to 6am that Joe has strong stress reactions (red) until 2am.   Even though he is sleeping, his body is still producing high amounts of stress hormones.  This leads to fatigue, burnout, chronic inflammation and sickness.  The question that people often ask is "can you do anything about it?"  Keep scrolling to see the impact of how simple lifestyle factors create a positive effect.    

Advanced analysis makes it possible to develop effective custom protocols to improve stress response.  Renovo training enabled Joe to increase the amount of 24 hour recovery from 17 to 35%, He nearly doubled his sleep quality (18 to 35ms), and increased the share of recovery during sleep from 54 to 81%.  A change in physiology like this goes a long way towards renewing energy, bolstering resilience, improving brain function, promoting healing of the body, mind, and spirit, and preventing suicide.  

The events are free for veterans and their loved ones.  All participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodations.  

Honoring and protecting your privacy matters.  Participants will never be asked to share their photo, video, identity, or story with the public in any form of media (to include websites, social media, radio, and television).